The Green

Green – from the Old English – the colour of living or growing plants. The greens on the lane have the effect of making everything seem peaceful while at the same time, full of energy and possibility. The translucent quality of the sycamore leaves is particularly beautiful. Each tree and plant has a different quality of green – light and bright like the whitethorn, dark and rich like the ivy and the hill, dense like the elder, feathery and light like the cow parsley.
When I am working on a painting of woodland it takes time to work out how i am going to represent what I see. The most obvious element is the basic one in mixing the paint – yellow green or blue green – but then there is the distinctiveness of the particular green I want and how to portray the quality of the greenness. The dappled shade created by the mingled plants and trees along with the mill stream mumbling away at the edge makes the lane a lovely place to be. Sometimes though I just feel I want to recreate the sense of being completely enfolded in green -I’m still working on how I create that painting!

Yesterday I was so busy looking at the trees I didn’t notice the frog sitting sunning himself in the middle of the path. He was very reluctant to moved out of potential danger.

Image may contain: plant, tree, grass, outdoor and nature

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