Down in the poo!

One of the things about walking the lane the awareness that humans are not the only inhabitants of the area. So, I usually keep an eye open for any unusual poo. Today there were deer droppings. I saw a deer on the path back in March but haven’t seen one since. Further up the lane there was what looked liked pine marten poo. I keep hoping to meet one. I know they do visit the area and are very accomplished bin thieves. The only time I was up close and personal to one was when we were camping. I heard a noise in the middle of the night, a munching sound, opened the screen to see a furry body passing by my head. A pine marten eating our dog’s food.

The heat has returned and the scent of elder flower, honeysuckle and meadowsweet is swirling around on the air. Butterflies weave across each other’s paths in the sunlight but they never alight on anything long enough for me to try to identify their colourful wings.

It amazes me how resilient the Herb Robert flowers are. Their small pink shapes stand out among the green and yellows of the dry grass. They also make beautiful colour combinations with the blackberry flowers. The blackberries/brambles flowers are beginning to develop into berry form already and it looks as though there will be a good harvest. I found the first hazelnut today, just in its early stages. I wonder how many will have nuts in the shells or will be empty


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