Blackbirds and hazel nuts


The dry weather continues and the mill stream is now only trickling down its course, leaving a few shallow pools caught between the rocks and the tree stumps. It is into these shallow pools that the blackbirds are landing and as I walk there are frequent flutterings as a blackbird rises out of one of the pools, flapping its wings.

Many of the plants are now going to seed and the seeds themselves are so beautifully shaped. Cranesbill and Wood Avens in particular. In the hazel bushes it is now possible to see the young nuts in their beautiful green frilly cases but it will be interesting to see how many have fertilised and have nuts in the shells later in the year.

But, even on this quiet lane, people throw rubbish down in the form of cans and straws and packets. We are a long way from really appreciating the natural world and seeing ourselves as only a part of it, not separate and superior.

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