Thistles and meadowsweet

Thistles and meadowsweet seem to be the plants actually enjoying this continued dry spell. 

The spear thistles are looking particularly good and there is a field at the side of the lane which is completely covered in meadowsweet. A creamy froth over green. 

I still love the Scottish story of the thistles that saved Scotland when Norse invaders hoped to quietly surprise the Scots at night. They took off their shoes to help with this and then – someone trod on a thistle. The result – a lot of noise and swearing and the Scots beat off the invaders.

Other plants are feeling the lack of water and many are becoming brown and brittle. The blackthorn further up the lane had a full crop of sloes a few weeks ago, now there are are only a few. I wonder how much that relates to the lack  of rain. 

When the water is low it is easier to see the carefully carved steps in the stream bed that help the mill stream on its way down the hill. 

The rosa rugosa  flowers have now evolved into the beautiful hips and soon they will become a stunning red. It’s amazing to think that this plant is happy in the sand dunes of Russia and Japan.

There is a Ash tree that has lost some of its bark around its base, something has obviously nibbled it, and the inner covering looks just like skin. It makes me even more aware of our need to see ourselves as part of the natural world.

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