A Hazel Triquetra

Yesterday everything on the lane was dry and thirsty. The sky was lowering and there was a breeze through the trees making the leaves quiver and suggesting rain. Birds were silent. But the rain did not come until night fall.

The rain has been soft, not violent and flower breaking as it could have been. Plants, trees and grass look refreshed and colours more vibrant. The bramble flowers have become a blushing rose pink in the clear, fresher air and the mill stream is filling again.

Rosebay willow herb is now showing itself in the field of meadowsweet. Evidently Rosebay willowherb was also known as Bombed as it grew in the bomb sites during the war. It is a plant that grows on disturbed land which has earned it the other name of Fireweed as it is found in areas where there has been a forest fire.

There are now hazel nuts appearing more frequently. I’ve been wondering how much the drought would affect the hazel nuts, berries and other fruit as most plants look stressed. This hazel ‘triquetra’ is beautiful. While it can be seen to symbolise the Holy Trinity the triquetra can also be seen as the three stages of life or the earth, sea and sky. In any case the hazel in Celtic mythology  is a magical and protective tree or shrub – the tree of knowledge.

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