How summer flies!

Showers of rain have left the lane rejuvenated. Now, in the humid conditions there is a buzzing. At first I thought it was a swarm of bees but then I noticed the flies, moving across the brambles and ferns. I don’t like flies but I am intrigued by them – so many different varieties. I think the green one is a black horned gem fly – a soldier fly – who lives in woodland and hedgerows. Every creature has its place.

The honeysuckle seems to have had a short flowering this year and now the berries are coming through. Oxeye daisies are appearing near the field. I think the other names for this plant are just as interesting – moon daisy and dog daisy. I know it was called moon daisy because you could see it in the moonlight but dog daisy, I’m not sure about.

Some animal hair has been caught on the barbed wire fence at the edge of the field. Quite often this means that a sheep has escaped from the field but in this case the colours are different. Another silent and invisible visitor to the lane!

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