They’re wild about nuts!

The beautifully warm weather continues and we are busily putting up all sorts and sizes of water containers from tiny to dog bowl size to help any insect, bird  – or bigger animal have a drink.

There are now some unrip, still green , hazelnuts on the ground which have obviously been opened. Apparently grey squirrels can digest unripe hazelnuts but woodpeckers, magpies and jays also like them – all of which live around here. However given the way the nuts have been cracked open it seems more likely to be squirrels.

Common ragwort is now flowering near the disused mill. It can provide food for bees, moths and other insects and I haven’t seen many plants of it on the lane so far.  Lords- and-Ladies or ‘Cuckoo Pint’ now has its poisonous bright red berries on show and the snowberry bushes are beginning to create their snow white berries. It will be a while before they’re fully formed.

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