Thistledown, thistledown, thistledown!

The mosses are thick and green, soft and like strolling an animal’s pelt. there are so many different mosses and it is fascinating to look at the details of the different forms.

the spear thistles are glorious as they change from their purple lilac flowers to thistledown. Thistledown is a word that is ‘used rarely’ according to Collins Dictionary. In earlier and particularly middle years of the twentieth century it was used more frquently. Its a beautiful word and I love it!

Growing near the mill stream the tutsan (hypericum) is now beginning to form berries after its bright yellow egg yolk flowers.

Hawkweed flowering

Ivy in the process of creating flowers. Although many people see ivy as a nuisance it provides food for insects and birds through much of the year. Its glossy leaves have remained dark and lustrous even during the drought.

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