Berries and dogs

The berries of the Lords and Ladies plants are now a bright luminous, poisonous orange red.  The plants light up the path and in some cases look like markers for routes taken by magical fairy folk. The pale pink flowers of Herb-robert have continued through the months as small pink dots amidst the greens of trees and grasses. They are so small and delicate looking and yet keep flowering through all weathers!

Brambles are now turning from flower to fruit and while most of them are at eye level and easily reached for picking some are climbing nine or ten feet into the trees – too far for humans but great for the birds who need them!

 Hazel nut shells, now a little more mature, can be seen more frequently on the ground at the sides of the lane. Presumably the squirrels are getting them. The sloes and the elderberries are growing darker but not yet ready to harvest either by humans or animals.

Now that there has been some rain again it is fascinating to see how drops of water are held in so very many ways. Droplets held in tension on spiders webs, on different leaves – each extraordinarily beautiful.

Rosie, the dog has reminded me that without her I might miss many of the small details on the lane. The stop and sniff routine and the listen and growl or bark routine of walking with Rosie help me to take note of things.

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