A fast stream and a sloe harvest

The mill stream is now rushing down the hill, tumbling over itself in the rain in what seems like a race to get to the bottom where it reaches the Sligo road. It must then be carried under the road to allow it to continue its journey and around the area you can still find pieces of fossilised coral. There is something very different about this part of Fermanagh.

The sloes, now much more visible in the bushes are turning to a beautiful mauve colour. They still need to darken further when they will be picked and sloe gin made from them. The blackberries we’ve already picked have been turned into muffins, jam and blackberry liqueur.  It’s always important to know what you are picking! There are the poisonous and inedible as well, lurking in the hedgerows. Honeysuckle berries, Tutsan and Snowberry being a few of them.

This is also the time of year for fern spores to disperse and on the lane in the darker, woody areas there are plenty of them, particularly in the steeply wooded area close to the top. The white petals of some bushy roses are still flowering valiantly even through the rain. They are not wild roses so were probably part of of an old garden, long since abandoned.

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