Reds and greens

I’ve been searching up and down the lane for holly berries but there are none. There is plenty of holly but no berries, even when I strain my neck to look high into the branches. There is an abundance of ivy and its flowers, many of which are slowly turning to the deep dark fruit they will soon become.  One small group of bright orange scarlet spindle tree fruit almost had me convinced there were holly berries until I looked more closely.

There is something about the richness and warmth of the colours red and green, an expectation. Many colour combinations have memories attached to them – the colours of summer, of personal anniversaries and traditions and red and green is Christmas.

Where there are no holly berries there are leaves which are trying their best to fit in with the theme and show, like a jewelled tapestry, the beauty of the rich combination.

Amazingly there are still some Herb Robert flowers, their pink now a deeper shade than before in the  still relatively mild weather. We have had

no snow or ice at the moment – but plenty of rain!

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