Violets in the snow

After what looked like spring we now have sleet showers, interspersed with rain then snow. Primroses have been flowering along the lane over the past few days, under the trees and on the edges of the stream. Colour beginning to re assert itself, bright splashes among the greens.

Frogs have been cavorting in the pond near the derelict mill house and now there is frogspawn. Sometimes a frog will wander to the middle of the lane – it seems to be a preferred place and they resent being moved over to the side. They do not understand the power of a car or tractor.

Even after a snowy morning the primroses and violets look strong. The lesser celandine are tough but their strappy yellow flowers take a beating in this variable weather.

.The whitethorn bushes are now full of bright green leaves. Their blossom will arrive later but mean while the sharp spikes of the blackthorn branches protect their beautiful white star like flowers, undaunted by the cold weather, perhaps the witches make sure they look after the blackthorn they used for their wands.

The weather only reflects the strange and changeable times we are living through. Brexit and its implications, particularly when you live close to the border as we do is never far from our thoughts and perhaps violets in snow is a good enough metaphor.

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