Horizontal hail

First rain then sleet then hail  – all in one morning. Rosie was the only one who wanted to walk this morning but even she was taken aback by the ferocity of the hailstones – on her back.

The warm weather has now definitely left and it as though couple of squabbling children have been left in control – one likes blue sky, flowers and gentle breezes, the other likes hail and wind and this morning, thunder to add to it. But then it is perhaps not surprising the weather  is reflecting the squabbling children we have ‘governing us’.

The violets are trying their best to shelter from the hail. I am amazed that they and the primroses are doing so well. Incredibly there is even a tiny Herb Robert beginning to flower, perhaps helped by the moss and leaf litter. Wild garlic seedling are also beginning to appear lower down the lane on the edges beyond the small waterfall where they carpet the ground. I am looking forward to seeing them flower and to be reminded of food overtime I pass by. 

On the plus side the hail created beautiful patterns on the moss , a little like a universe of snow white planets.

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