Colours and numbers in the rain

Rain is falling. The mist is so low that the hills on the other side of the lough are as though a film of tissue paper has been placed over them, muting their colour. but in doing this the greens of the grass and the new leaves, nearby, have been made more striking.

Ferns are now showing themselves in the high hedgerows, unrolling like a small orchestra of violins, with their Fibonacci number sequences for all to see.

The wild garlic near the top of the lane, carpeting the area beside the stream are beginning to open their white star flowers. There is no scent yet – a little warmth will help with that. 

Many of the plants flowering now are good for bees and I had seen a few, including a bumble bee but today the temperature is down and the wind is up. No self respecting bee wants to be out in this weather. George, the cat has declared today a sit on cushion by the warmth day. A sensible decision.

Coltsfoot’s bright sunny yellow flowers look so dandelions from a distance but then you look more closely and the strange, scaly stems becomes obvious. Its other name, Son before the Father makes sense. The flowers bloom before the leaves appear.

Herb robert lights up the lane at this time of year with vivid pink flowers. There is an amazing palette of colours in the hedgerow.

The primroses seem to have spread further this year. There are clumps of their delicate yellow, almost milky white flowers everywhere. They stand seemingly unbothered by the rain and the wind, their rosettes close in the ground, anchoring them.

Bluebells are spreading too. in the lee of trees, in the long grass, close to the derelict mill buildings.

Violets, singly and in groups lie beside primrose and fern, coltsfoot and daisy, close to the mill stream and now joined by wood sorrel with its weather vane flowers, heads low and leaves folded and closed in the morning only opening as the light levels increase – and today that might not happen!

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