It only takes a couple of days of sunny weather and wonderfully warm days for everything on the lane to grow and for some of the usually hidden animals to appear, such as the hare making its way down the fields through clubs of stitchwort, dandelion and cuckoo flower.

The beehive been busy among the flowers and I’ve seen several buff tails and a bumble.

Dandelions glorious in their golden ruffs of petals are not only beautiful but hugely important for the bees and it’s wonderful to see them carpeting the roadsides and fields.

Cuckoo flower otherwise known as lady’s smock is attracting orange tipped butterflies and there have been several of them flying across the lane between the fields.

I’ve often meant to find out about the different forms of primroses and so I’ve been searching the hedgerows, looking and photographing until I’m nearly cross eyed looking for the differences and now I think, finally I can now differentiate between the pin eyed and thrum eyed forms!

In the darker, damper part of the lane where the wild garlic and bluebells are vying for position the bracken and ferns are beginning to unwind, leading to veritable orchestras of fiddleheads along the path!

The names given to flowers always fascinate me. I didn’t realise that dog violets were called ‘dog’ because they were unscented, unlike the sweet violet and therefore only fit for dogs!  Red campion is also known as batchelors’ buttons which to me is a much more attractive name for a flower which is really more pink than red. Wood sorrel is known as fairy bells and the delicate speedwell was regarded as a magic charm for travellers.

But here the sun doesn’t often stay for long and rain overnight has left everything a little colder and damper. On the positive side it has meant that the scent of bluebells,hawthorn and wild garlic swirl in the air creating a magic of their own.

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