The benefits of rain

We are only a couple of weeks from Midsummer but while the sun is there sometimes it feels like early Spring. The almost constant rain of the last week or so has been making the lane very green and lush and today, for the first time on the lane, I saw wild orchids beside the stream – not the rare variety- but beautiful none the less.I hope they begin to populate the lane edge more.

‘ve noticed this year that there seem to be more flowers – there were more violets, more primroses and the bluebells and wild garlic are moving down the lane not just congregating in the top areas.

I find myself excitedly tracking any changes, however minute when I go out on the lane. It is like a form of giant Kim’s game where I look to see what’s appeared, moved, changed, been lost. I’m amazed at myself for finding sometimes the tiniest of things – a snail making its way up a leaf, a new honeysuckle tendril with an early flowerbed trying to make its way through ivy and thorn and cow parsley, all trying to push themselves to the fore. 

Rosie the dog is very patient when I stop to photograph or make notes of words but then it works both ways – she gets to sniff and investigate.

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