Beginning again

I started off writing my blog about Mullycovet Lane a year and a half ago. I followed the changes on the lane over the year – the plants, the wildlife –  and then took a break with just a few occasional posts but what I saw over the summer  are changes and things that I hadn’t seen and noted in the previous year.  Watching hares dancing in the field, seeing a fox carefully crossing the field into the lane on a late summer evening and then the sight of wild orchids on the lane edge has given me the impetus to agin follow the lane and its life for another year.

Wisps of red have just disappeared from the sky this morning. It is an early than usual walk up the lane. Mid September and it is clearly more autumnal. A heavy dew over the fields gives an impression of a cooler temperature than it actually is. Still warm enough to be out only in a jumper amongst the trees. Rosie is eager to get on her way with many scents to follow.

 It is a gently cool morning with very little sound except for the mill stream tumbling down the side of the lane. Today quiet cattle look back at me from the field on the other side of the stream where cattle rarely spend time.

There are still a lot of hazel nuts on the trees even though they have been falling over the last few weeks. Rosie has found a couple of nuts recently that have been cracked by a tractor or car wheel. It seems that trying to crack the kernel open is another morning activity for her.

Blackberries are ripening, a little slower than in some other places but the elderberries are filling out and their sprays of berries now turning downwards with their weight. Snowberries are out, casting a rather ghostly light over parts of the hedging and there are lots of berries on the hawthorn. The old apple tree, gnarled, mossed and worm eaten in the old mill garden, has apples on it. Despite its age it looks as though there will be a good harvest.

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