Soft rain

The rain is falling softly so that is is difficult to see the other side of the lough from the lane. It has been a cool wet summer and I think that accounts for what looks like Sycamore leaf spot or grey mould on the leaves of some of the sycamore as well as surrounding plants. Tar spot is covering most of the sycamore leaves so they have an oddly spotty appearance. In amongst the hazels, ashes and thorns there are the occasional spindle trees and at at this time of year they’re very obvious because of their bright pink fruit which re poisonous to humans.

The blackberries are out but some of them are very much the worse for rain – some more sun and warmth would be nice. It is often the tiny details that attract me when walking up the lane as with the small snail finding a haven on a nettle leaf. It can be difficult concentrating on taking photographs as Rosie, the dog has taken up hazel nut crunching – her new Autumn sport evidently. The lane itself has a green moss carpet up its centre which looks wonderful – a sort of alternative to the red carpet of celebrities. Here, nature is what is celebrated.

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