A green walk

One minute sun, one minute rain but today glorious sunshine dazzling the eye where it reflects off the wet tarmac though much of it is now covered in the soft, thick covering of moss. An indicator of how little traffic there is on this lane. The moss is now becoming inhabited with a range of seedlings and yesterday while I was looking at the tiny herb-robert seedlings in the moss I found myself confronted by two small bright black eyes. A tiny mouse standing his ground on the path. As always, my surprise and his determination to stand his ground lasted about the same length of time  – not enough time to photograph him –  before he disappeared amongst the roots of a tree. 

Jackdaws are very vocal in the trees, their constant chat and grumbles conversations with each other is quite reassuring.  More leaves are falling, particularly the sycamore and I love the fact that the leaves themselves may be mottled and spotted with shades of brown and  ginger but their leaf stalks can be bright red and orange. They remind me of a very sober person wearing dark clothes but then upsetting it all with a bright coloured pair of socks. From a design point of view it is perfect. Dark colours and shapes with occasional lengths of bright primary colour. There will be a drawing from it in the near future.

Bracken fronds reach out for the sunlight while the Hart’s Tongue ferns seem to enjoy both the shaded and more clearly lit areas.  Maidenhair spleenwort finds its place on the mill wall.

 There are still some hazelnuts hidden beneath their leaves but fewer each day, some being trampled on while others get carried down into the stream, quite full at the moment after the rain.


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