Autumn mists

A mist has been covering the land and the lough over the last few days, only burning off if the sun manages to break through. The spiders are weaving a miniature landscape of mist with their gossamer thin and intricate webs stretched across seed heads and through gaps in the trees. 

There is a damp beauty when the rain has been falling. The leaves that have fallen already are covered by the new leaves, green and yellow,, layer upon layer of pattern and with it all, a stillness. Elderberries, richly coloured and ripe, their umbels bowed down in the rain. The stream has been moving at speed this week, deep and dark while several branches of hips reach over the gushing water as though trying to reach the other side. The colours are beginning to reach the richness of Autumn with their deep purples and vibrant reds and oranges.

Moss grows everywhere, on the lane floor, among the stones of the walls that are crumbling and in it other plants land, creating tiny forests and patterns.

The low sun, when it breaks through, spreads through the trees at their base and the long shadows follow us as we walk, unsettling Rosie who is convinced there is a wild animal  in the woods. And there are creatures, little ones any way. Looking carefully at old tree trunks it is clear that small animals are making their homes, tunnelling into the softer exterior of the damaged wood.

And, today, there,amidst the fallen leaves and long grasses is a dog violet, on its own. -Its bright green leaves and tiny flower. Out of season but shielded by the undergrowth. 

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