The colours of Autumn

The patterns and colours of the leaves are fascinating at the moment. They could be seen as just plain brown but they’re not. They are such a mixture of golds, bronzes and coppers with curious patterns.

The vetch are still in flower all the way up the lane, still sprawled over bramble and tree branch. They look so delicate and yet they are strong enough to withstand the changes in temperature we’re getting at the moment. The rosa rugosa hips are huge. There are a couple of places where they have obviously been planted close to the mill buildings and at this time of year they are glorious.

Up where the squirrels live on the lane, usually hidden from human view, Rosie stops. She saw one once and was not sure what to think. Given that she is crunching away at the hazelnuts she finds on the ground the squirrels might not feel too friendly towards her!

Squirrels always remind me of one of the characters in my husband’s book, The Hare’s Vision. Bran Mutt, the squirrel causes trouble for a Roman envoy in his search for the Irish monk and his friends as they travel through 6th Century Ireland on their quest.

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