The shapes of surprising things

It is a time of mist here. Walking through the mist on the lane or looking down across the fields and over the lough there is a sense that different times and realities merge into one. A timeless quality.

The hidden worlds are fascinating. In the winter if I’m lucky I will see the tracks of a hare or a fox. At other times of the year I will get a fleeting glance of an animal that prefers to stay out of the way of humans but this week, there was another way of discovering who else has been around on the lane – fox droppings or ‘castings’. Droppings bright pink and full of seeds. Foxes will eat rowan berries and blackberries.

I love the patterns that nature produces with no assistance – like these images of leaves and the swirls and  shapes produced when the stream is caught, as it often is on its downward journey, by large rocks or tumbled branches now adjusting the force of the water.

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