Who fly tips?

I am amazed and horrified. A walk up the lane usually gives me plenty to look at and admire. It’s been cold and after a flurry of sleet yesterday there is snow to be seen on the hills on the other side of the lough and the colours are soft blues and greens.

But reaching the top of the lane I looked down into the stream that comes off the mountain and follows its way , falling over stones, under the small bridge and around trees down to the mill. Instead of lush undergrowth and ferns there was a huge tractor tyre. And it didn’t get itself there on its own. Yesterday my husband walked Rosie up the lane and found an elderly man and woman about to dump an old deep fat fryer complete with oil into the trees and bushes, close to the Mill. He pointed out that fly tipping was illegal and apart from that it ruined the countryside and nature in general. They seemed to lack any thought on this. They didn’t want to drive, in their very expensive car, as far as Enniskillen and couldn’t see the problem. They decided against leaving the deep fat fryer and my husband will be contacting the council tomorrow with their details.

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