A fox

There is a stillness on the lane today – if it was colder it would be the prelude to snow – but it is mild with a pale sun in the winter sky, warm enough to walk without a coat.

I am watching for snowdrops now, it is nearing their time and today, I found snowdrop buds had pushed their way through the leaf mould near the mill. Within a few days there will be a carpet of tiny white flowers leading down to the mill stream. As the days lengthen by tiny amounts so buds are beginning to show.

Later, a wonderful surprise – a fox. Quietly, carefully crossing the field, sniffing the changes that have been brought about by the recent cutting of the hedging.Given the fox droppings I have found recently – hawthorn berry full – I hope the fox and his family have found something to keep their bellies full. Fox looked thin.

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