The one that got away – photographically

The first frost for a while here. The temperature dipping just below zero but the sun already beginning to burn off the white and, where it does, the crows follow.

The snowdrops will soon be out now, the flower heads almost through. I wonder whether there will be one to celebrate the New Year.

A red squirrel, fluffy, russet and fast came hurtling towards Rosie, the dog and me as we walked. It then saw us and did a sort of Tom and Jerry manoeuvre, a right angled turn off the lane and into the trees where we could follow its path as it ran up the hill. Rosie is now convinced, again, that the squirrels are everywhere. it was a slow walk down as she checked the ground and looked up into the trees for more. And once again, the squirrel moving too fast to be caught on camera. Perhaps one day..

George, out on the lane as well,enjoying the crispness in the air, decided to wait for our return – and any birds foolish enough to get close.

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