Hare today – gone even faster!

I don’t know what made me glance at the field but I’m glad I did. A hare caught in the sunlight of early morning was taking a diagonal route across the field towards me  – or rather, to the lower edge of the field and the lane. Almost as large as the fox we had seen a few days ago. The hare’s colour against the green of the grass was glorious. It stopped and then noticed me, stared for a second before continuing with its long loping strides out onto the lane and wherever it went next. No time to collect the phone or the camera but an instant drawing in my head which will translate into a painting in the near future.

Walking up the lane later with Rosie it was so mild I didn’t need a coat and Rosie found what was probably the last fallen hazelnut to crack open and eat. No squirrels came to tackle her about it!

The mild weather has meant that a bramble flower has been in blossom for several days, though beginning to wilt a little now. Snowdrops are out close to the mill and they are beginning to spread down to the banks of the mill stream though they are not as far on as they were last year according to my records.

We are due to have snow at the weekend or next week but we shall see.

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