Snow, primroses, violets and – oh, I forgot, rain!

It seems as though it has been raining forever. That may be a small exaggeration but not much. But today, the weather went one better – snow. At least it takes my mind off deadly diseases crossing the globe!

There are now clusters of primroses and lesser Celandine on the lane, protected for the most part by long grasses, stones and the old earthen walls. Yesterday there were also a few groups of dog violet sheltered by the mill. I’d hoped they hadn’t been destroyed by the torrential rain a few weeks ago..

At the top of the lane wild garlic is covering one side of the little ravine, soon the scent of garlic will be breathtaking. The smaller birds, the tits, finches, robins, wrens and sparrows are spending a lot of time at the bird table. George the cat is spending a lot of time there too -but George is not a gifted climber which is good.Snow, primroses,

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