Spring in a time of human crisis

It hardly seems possible on a morning like this on Mullycovet lane that there is anything wrong in the world, certainly no viruses causing mayhem.The difference is in the noise, or lack of it. Normally the main road to Sligo would be full of traffic. Now it is almost silent, only the sound of sheep and the birds. From here there is a clear view across the lough to the hills on the far side – no rain, no wind.

There seem to be more wild flowers than ever out this year. Dog violets are growing in clumps and have spread further down the lane as have the lesser Celandine, primrose and dandelion. Everywhere is a mass of purple and yellow. Now, within the last few days, wood sorrel with their delicate lilac veined white flowers are appearing and the blackthorn flowers are out with Opposite leaved golden saxifrage growing in the damper, shady areas, lighting the lane edges with a sort of yellowy green glow.

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