Roses are flowering

It is not a perfect June day. While not really cold it is not warm and there are clouds but – there are beautiful plants growing on the lane and they provide the colour needed to lift spirits and stop depressing thoughts of lockdown. Little white wild orchids have found a place to flower in the undergrowth and nearby, down by the stream, wild strawberries are now beginning to turn red.

Ragged robin last year was only in a couple of places on the lane but this year it has spread with its beautiful raggedy flowers, not at all neat and perfect, just wonderful.

This is the time of roses – cultivated and wild and delicate white field roses garland the hedgerows with bramble flowers in the palest pink jostling for place. Closer to the road edge there are figwort plants with their fascinating hooded red and brown flowers. Its smell attracts moths and other insects. It is easy to overlook the plant amongst all the other showier ones at this time of year.

And then the seductive scent of honeysuckle. It took me a while to spy it, high up in the tree branches. Normally it’s closer to eye level but the cutting back of the hedges on the lane last year has moved flowers and fruits up. 

I like the fact that wild flowers and plants do not always stay in one place – or at least they travel. I might look for a particular plant where I know I saw it last year and I might be right but often, as with the orchids and the ragged robin they pop up in new places. I’m hoping that the yellow rattle which is living on the top road will migrate down to the lane next year.

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