The dark days of January

The weather changes so rapidly at the moment, icy then mild. A couple of days ago after the most recent thaw there were still signs of the animals who make their way along the lane and across the fields as silently as they can. Caught in the strange freeze frame are the prints of one of the foxes who can be seen from time to time.

Today Rosie and I watched a squirrel high in one of the trees. Viewing the photograph it can be difficult to distinguish the squirrel from the tree! Oh for a more sophisticated camera.  See if you can find it. Well camouflaged and quiet, only noticed because of the flash of red as it moved.

These are the slow days of January  – even though the days are beginning to lighten for some reason it is always seems darker, difficult to concentrate in the few short hours of light and the newest lockdown doesn’t help.

Sheep gather in the nearby field, the watchers on high, ranged along the horizon, staring down on to the lane only visible through the dark intricate weave of hazel branches reaching down into the mill stream. 

And now the first snowdrop flowers emerging from under their blanket of leaf litter. There are changes afoot. May they be positive ones.

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