Artist biography




Jenny lives in the beautiful county of Fermanagh in Northern Ireland with her husband Willie, a writer. Other important members of the family are George the ginger and white cat who believes he’s a Viking and Rosie, the collie who loves eating hazelnuts and strawberries.

Jenny grew up in Scotland though her family are from Ireland and she returned to live in Ireland in her twenties following her time at Art college and teacher training in Cardiff. 

Jenny spent many years as a social worker and teacher, working with both adults and children and has an MA Education among her qualifications. 

Jenny is inspired by the beautiful countryside she lives in and draws inspiration from it for her nature based poetry, writing and art. Her MSc dissertation in Peace and Conflict studies focussed on the peace building powers of gardens and the natural world.

Her writing has been published in both on-line and print journals and she also exhibits her art work. She is currently completing her first novel, based on the history of a fictional garden.