Dancing in Puddles with the Cailleach

Dancing in puddles with the Caileach

Dancing in puddles with the Caileach

This is my first book of poems and artwork.

My aim is to reflect  the ancient energies that still course through our natural world. My poetry and images animate the ancient pagan goddess, the Cailleach. The Cailleach calls to today’s older women. She teaches the wisdom of age and the joy that wisdom can bring. Read this book of poems and images and find your own joy.

“Actually bought this from the author herself. I couldn’t put it down. Jenny has an incredulous way of bringing you into her thoughts and vision of the world around her. So much so, you are actually there with her. A mixture of verse, poetry and notions, you certainly don’t get bored and just want to read on. Jenny is also an extremely talented artist and she demonstrates this throughout the book. Please buy this, if only to appreciate the world through the authors eyes and the beauty therein.”

Mrs. A. D. Brown

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