Blue Hills by Jenny Methven

Muckish, Co. Donegal

I am happy to discuss commissions.  These are some examples. Commissions can be in the form of paintings, drawings, or individual cards.

two cats

Felix and Flash

I do specialise in portraits of animals. As someone who has had many animal companions I know how important it can be to have an image that reflects the important place that animal has had in our heart, like the cat above.



An example of another commission was the decoration of the Sustrans way marker. Hand painted and designed to incorporate the particular animals and plants that could be seen in the area. It now stands on the bank of the Union canal outside Edinburgh. I also decorated a Sustrans way marker in Falkland.






Decorative maps and glyphs were all created for the book “The Hare’s Vision”


Handmade books

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This book is made of a combination of pop out images and hand drawn and painted elements.

It folds flat and opens into a concertina book which can be displayed on a mantelpiece or similar.


by Jenny Methven

The Cats

This is a concertina book in a matching box.

by Jenny Methven

Each page has hand painted images of cats.

by Jenny Methven

The concertina folds.


by Jenny Methven

The Book of the Hare

by Jenny Methven

This small concertina book is made up of hand drawn images of the Causeway Coast near Dunseverick.