The clarity of rain

You would think with rain that everything would be a little cloudy, less sharp. But the sky this morning is that greyed brightness that almost hurts your eyes and all on the lane is in sharp focus and scents are held as though captured in the moisture.  A feather lies softly on top of a leaf dropped on some flight path across the woods and fields – a fluffy under feather. Moss is building up on the lane and the stones giving it a bundled, winter warm look. While the rain drips onto the leaves and then falls onto the already mossy branches and then down to the grass  it forces a focus on the ground. I had noticed one apple yesterday near the old mill and assumed that it had been dropped by someone but today I looked more closely. Apples everywhere – on the ground and still high on the tree. I hadn’t realised the beautiful moss and lichen covered tree leaning over across one of the tumbledown out buildings was a very old fruit tree.