Today on the lane it was collection time, gathering elderflower blossom to make elderflower champagne. Now the flowers have been separated from their stalks and along with the lemons, sugar and yeast placed in the fermenting bucket.

There is still time to gather more elderflowers and hopefully they will be transformed into elderflower liqueur and gin.

The dog roses and briar roses are flowering further along the lane now and the honeysuckle – at the bottom of the lane – has been open and fully flowering for a couple of days whereas the honeysuckle at the top of the lane is just beginning to open properly. Its amazing how much difference there can be within the lane.

Mullycovet Lane

The rain, thunder and lightning has stopped. It has left a freshness in the air and blue sky and fluffy white clouds have begun to reappear. The cattle in the field are not sure what to make of a human who wanders around photographing things! The white roses in the hedge are really bright amongst the green and the leaves of the various plants in the hedgerow look even more vibrant.