Sometimes all it takes!

The rain has stopped.. for the moment and the wind though still stormy, is not as cold

but the accumulation of rain over the last week or so has filled the mill pond – or what I think is the old mill pond, something not usually seen unless there has been torrential rain.

Sometimes all it takes is a brightness, something dazzling – in this case, a bright red leaf to bring joy.  It reminds me that not just in nature but in the human world there are people who stand out – for the good reasons. They don’t have to be well known or powerful, in fact better that they are not,  but they make a difference. so a tiny red leaf is mesmerisingly beautiful on an early March morning.

Then, the sun ventures out for a short while, the violets try to climb the hedgerow to keep their roots out of the water and the birds respond with song. Rosie searches for new scents and an exquisite bud just presents itself to be photographed! The scent of fox wafts in the air and I am reminded that there are still the wild creatures out there, not everything has been destroyed – yet. And the trees that take the barbed wire that has been stretched across them for many years, pulling and cutting their bark, grow with elegance and gentleness. I’m just not sure I’m so forgiving.

Meanwhile at home, George, the cat, incubates the chitting potatoes.