The small things

Still  a cool, cloudy day on the lane but more and more roses are appearing – this new one with its creamy petals is very beautiful.

Further along the lane these small creatures, all managing to sit on the same flower head together. I’m not sure if the brown one is a form of bee or not?

Looking for and finding the small changes and differences along the lane reinforces for me how much we can overlook in the places around us. There are so many worlds that are not even noticed normally in our rush to be somewhere.

Roses are blooming!

The clouds yesterday were followed by intense heat and sun that lasted into the evening. Today, walking along the lane the delicate pink of the dog roses is showing,  climbing  high into the trees, weaving into the hedging. This pale pink is contrasted with the deeper carmine pink of the marsh thistle growing tall against the mill wall.

As a child I remember collecting rose hips later in the year and deciding that I would make rose hip syrup by putting the rose hips in a container in the oven with a little water. The result was a hard, golden ‘creation’. My mother was unable to use the bowl again! I haven’t tried making reship syrup as an adult but I should.